element (property)

This page documents an OPTIMADE Property Definition. See https://schemas.optimade.org/ for more information.

ID: https://schemas.optimade.org/defs/v1.2/properties/optimade/common/element
Definition name: element

Property name: element
Description: The chemical symbol of an element
Type: string



Formats: [JSON] [MD]

JSON definition:

    "$id": "https://schemas.optimade.org/defs/v1.2/properties/optimade/common/element",
    "$schema": "https://schemas.optimade.org/meta/v1.2/optimade/property_definition.json",
    "title": "element",
    "x-optimade-type": "string",
    "x-optimade-definition": {
        "label": "element_optimade_common",
        "kind": "property",
        "version": "1.2.0",
        "format": "1.2",
        "name": "element"
    "description": "The chemical symbol of an element\n\n**Requirements/Conventions:**\n\n- The strings are the chemical symbols, i.e., either a single uppercase letter or an uppercase letter followed by a number of lowercase letters.",
    "x-optimade-unit": "inapplicable",
    "type": [
    "maxLength": 3,
    "enum": [