elements ratios (property)

This page documents an OPTIMADE Property Definition. See https://schemas.optimade.org/ for more information.

ID: https://schemas.optimade.org/defs/v1.2/properties/optimade/structures/elements_ratios
Definition name: elements_ratios

Property name: elements ratios
Description: Relative proportions of different elements in the structure.
Type: list


Query examples:


Formats: [JSON] [MD]

JSON definition:

    "$id": "https://schemas.optimade.org/defs/v1.2/properties/optimade/structures/elements_ratios",
    "$schema": "https://schemas.optimade.org/meta/v1.2/optimade/property_definition.json",
    "title": "elements ratios",
    "x-optimade-type": "list",
    "x-optimade-definition": {
        "label": "elements_ratios_optimade_structures",
        "kind": "property",
        "version": "1.2.0",
        "format": "1.2",
        "name": "elements_ratios"
    "x-optimade-dimensions": {
        "names": [
    "type": [
    "description": "Relative proportions of different elements in the structure.\n\n**Requirements/Conventions**:\n\n- Composed by the proportions of elements in the structure as a list of floating point numbers.\n- The sum of the numbers MUST be 1.0 (within floating point accuracy)\n- MUST refer to the same elements in the same order, and therefore be of the same length, as `elements`, if the latter is provided.\n\n**Query examples**:\n\n- Note: Useful filters can be formulated using the set operator syntax for correlated values.\n  However, since the values are floating point values, the use of equality comparisons is generally inadvisable.\n- OPTIONAL: a filter that matches structures where approximately 1/3 of the atoms in the structure are the element Al is: `elements:elements_ratios HAS ALL \"Al\":>0.3333, \"Al\":<0.3334`.",
    "examples": [
    "x-optimade-unit": "inapplicable",
    "items": {
        "x-optimade-type": "float",
        "type": [
        "x-optimade-unit": "dimensionless",
        "minimum": 0.0,
        "maximum": 1.0